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Register for 2023-2024 Sewing Classes!

 - The sewing calendar will generally follow the Noblesville school district calendar. Classes are offered Monday-Wednesday at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00pm; Thursdays at 4:00; and biweekly classes Thursday mornings (10:00am-12:00pm) and Thursday afternoons (5:00-7:00pm).


 - Tuition is based on the number of classes per session, which varies from session to session.

 - One missed class per session is allowed to be made up. Several make-up class times will be offered, but a perfect time cannot always be guaranteed. Check the Calendar for make up dates. No hours will be able to be carried over into the next session or made up during other class times.

 - Payment guarantees spot for that session only. Please register for sessions as soon as possible to keep your day and time.

 - Minimum of 2 students needed for a class. Students may join up with a class at any time if space is available.

 - Scroll to read more detailed information on policies.


Information and Policies


Tuition will be prepaid per session. Payment holds the day and time for that session only. If you would like to keep the same time for more than one session, register for the next session as soon as possible.  Day and time cannot be guaranteed without payment. Refunds can be issued only if requested a week or more prior to the start of the session. Refunds cannot be issued within 1 week of the start of the session or after the session has begun; however, students may switch to another class time if space allows.

Class Information:

Sewing machines and tools will be provided for students to use; students will provide their on fabric, thread, and notions for most projects. For hourly classes, students will receive instruction and sewing time for 55 minutes, leaving the last 5 minutes for wrap-up and clean-up.  NO guarantee can be made that students will finish a project exactly at the end of the session. Incomplete projects will be sent home at the end of a session unless the student is signed up for the next session.

Contact Form/Waiver:

An emergency contact form and social media consent form must be submitted before the first class. The link for the online form is found on most pages and on the cart page.


If your child is not feeling well or has a fever, please do not send your child to sewing. Contact me as soon as possible concerning an absence so that we can attempt to find a make-up class time. Students will be allowed to make up only one missed class per session and it can be made up only during designated, scheduled make-up times*. Make-up classes can no longer be made up during other class times  or be carried over into the next session. Refunds will not be issued for a missed class, so please check the calendar for class dates.

*Exceptions are for teacher absence/cancellations, classes on school holidays, or at the teacher's discretion.

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